December 4, 2010

Dear Friends and Family,

This morning at 12:50 am our sweet Julia made her way to heaven and in typical Julia fashion was organized and ready to go much sooner than we anticipated.  On Tuesday she made a plan to create a quilt (the theme of the quilt, per Julia, is how grateful she was for everyone's love), on Wednesday she slept throughout much of the day but was still in the family room with us through Thursday.  So her departure today was unexpected, yet peaceful and full of mercy.  Julia was infamous in our family for completing reports early (to insure that she got the extra points), so none of us are surprised.  We all were able to be with her most of the day on Friday and throughout the evening and night and we did our best to let her know that she was safe and we were all sending her forward.  We are really comforted that she was able to leave so peacefully.  As you know, we have been reading Harry Potter to Julia; tonight we came across this quote from the first book:  "To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure."  Julia entertained us all with her Type A/organizational self, so this quote fit for all of us.   

Julia really wanted to make it to see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader; we look forward as a family to seeing it.  That book concludes with Reepicheep going to Aslan's country (heaven), full of excitement to make that final journey, while Prince Caspian has to choose to return to his responsibilities in Narnia.  As a family our hearts are broken, and we feel like Prince Caspian, but we celebrate her journey and arrival and look forward, as St. Thomas More wrote, to meeting her "merrily in heaven".

With love and so much gratitude for more kindness than we could ever have imagined,

Paul, Nan, Michael, MaryClaire, Madeline and Peter  
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